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Medical tablets bring more possibilities into the everyday life of doctors and nursing staff. The devices create the best conditions for further improved patient care. They can be conveniently equipped with medical apps based on familiar platforms such as Android or Windows 10 IoT. The medical tablets can be integrated into existing systems and serve as an interface for data acquisition and visual display. This technology supports efficient diagnoses. But that’s not all: ward doctors can discuss their diagnoses with patients directly at the point of care.

On the hardware side, the tablets are equipped with reading functions such as barcode scanners and integrated RFID readers. This enables patient data or information on medication, for example, to be read in and transmitted easily and conveniently. Thanks to capacitive touchscreens and features such as fingerprint sensors, you protect the devices from unauthorized access without the time-consuming typing of passwords. Last but not least, the housings have an antimicrobial coating. The coating keeps the risk of infection low if doctors or nurses pass the devices on from hand to hand.

Robust and ergonomic medical tablets save maintenance costs
By aligning the hardware with military standards, the medical tablets are perfectly protected against damage caused by falling or knocks in everyday rescue and supply operations. Accidentally caused damage can thus be excluded or significantly minimized. The medical tablets are simple and ergonomically designed to keep wear and tear to a minimum and thus avoid repairs, spare parts and undesirable costs.

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The change is already in full swing: Medical tablets are changing the way you work in nursing, rescue services, clinics and in the entire health sector! Get in touch with our specialist staff directly by phone or using our online contact form. We will help you choose the healthcare tablet solution that perfectly suits your tasks. We would also be happy to find a suitable software partner for you.

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