Our customers are our success story

Mobile and stationary control panel
Our rugged Tablet PCs, custom-designed by our sales partner CRE Rösler Electronic GmbH, can be used in a variety of ways, thanks to individual equipment, for example a customer logo behind the glass or an additionally integrated Legic-Reader for employee personalization. Replacing several stationary Panel PCs per production line, the flexible tablet PCs are used both mobile and stationary.

Smart robot boats

Use of our tablet PCs for recording water depth surveys with smart robot boats.

Mobile data logging

Use of our Rugged Tablets as a robust and mobile HMI for monitoring readings form the cloud.

GIS measurement
Use of our Rugged Tablets for high-precision outdoor GIS measurement.

Industry 4.0

Check out the wireless and touch-controlled laboratory and workplace for Industry 4.0.


See how our handy and robust Tablet-PCs are used for setting precisely defined meter values via touchscreen.

Wireless Tablet-PC

Commissioning of a modern workstation by means of wireless tablet PC in the age of Industry 4.0.



Use of the latest Tablet-PC-generation as replacement for high-quality analyzers.

Legic Card Reader

Demonstration of a tablet with connected and integrated Legic Card Reader, used for the creation of personal customer cards.



Outdoor employment

The DT372AP is ideally suited for mobile outdoor use, for example on a construction site for precise measurement of geodata.

Red Cross application with Rugged Tablet

The use of our robust Tablet-PCs DT301C/T by emergency ambulances. After reading the patient card, the health status of the patient is documented on site via digital emergency protocol and data are directly transmitted to the responsible hospital.