Process control with tablets in Industry 4.0

Process control with tablets in Industry 4.0

Industrie Tablet im Einsatz

Prozesssteuerung mit Tablets in der Industrie 4.0

Process control with tablets in Industry 4.0

In modern manufacturing machines no longer simply assemble parts, but constantly exchange data. In an ideal “Industry 4.0” scenario the manufacturing process even organizes itself. The human role consists of monitoring, optimizing and controlling to guarantee that production runs as smoothly as possible. Ragged Tabled PCs are perfectly suited for this kind of process control.

Interaction of technologies enables freedom from fixed workplaces in a control room:
• Sensors and fast data transmission enable real-time monitoring of production procedures.
• Secure cloud technologies and big data analysis tools open unprecedented possibilities of monitoring and controlling.
• Special visualization software prepares the data and ensures optimal process visualization and process management.

Trained personnel can record this information directly at the production site,allowing for quick decision making. Instead of notebooks, industrial tablets are increasingly being used.

Process control in automobile production
A recent example is a solution for process control and visualization in the production line of a well-known German sports car manufacturer. The production planners were specifically looking for new visualization and service terminals. In this set-up industrial tablets are used in addition to Panel PCs. The latter are mounted on the plant by means of docking stations, enabling both, stationary and mobile process monitoring and control.

Industrial Tablet Solutions from Concept
For similar applications, Concept International offers the “Full Rugged” class of industrial tablets. They are certified to IP67 and thus resistant to temperature, pressure and humidity fluctuations, likely to occur in harsh industrial environments (more information on IP classes can be found in our IP protection classes overview). On you can find a wide range of tablets with different configurations and screen sizes. Customized tablet PCs are our specialty. Upon request, special adjustments, such as, are possible:

• Individual device branding, such as integrating your company logo behind the touch glass.
• Employee authentication by using an integrated Legic Card Reader.

Interested? Simply contact one of our service representatives under the above telephone number.

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