Smart industrial tablets with 2D barcode scanner


Smart industrial tablets:

All-rounder for harsh industrial environments

Thinner, more stable & lighter! Industrial tablets should not only be just as user-friendly and powerful as common devices from the consumer sector, they should also be insensitive to vibrations, shocks, temperature fluctuations, dust and moisture.


1cm thick & 650 grams light:

The Future Pad FPQ10 from Concept International combines the best of both worlds. With a weight of only 650 grams and a thickness of a good one centimeter, the tablet is light and slim. A high-speed processor with eight cores ensures speed, plus a brilliant, high-resolution display that is capacitive touch-enabled and can also be operated with gloves or with a digitizer pen. The glass is hardened and has been specially anti-reflective for industrial requirements. The FPQ10 is also certified according to MIL-STD-810G / H and offers practical accessories such as a hand strap and various brackets.

The tablet is optionally available with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC or Android 10. With a runtime of up to 24 hours, the Android system is way ahead of comparable systems: One battery charge is enough for several shifts.


Integrated 2D barcode scanner

The FPQ10 is equipped with an integrated 2D laser scanner, which creates additional added value, especially in the logistics area.

MD – With EN60601-1 suitable for the medical sector

A variant is available for medical applications that is specified in accordance with EN60601-1 and is supplied with an antibacterial coated housing and glass. Thanks to the camera, various interfaces and all common wireless interfaces, nothing is left to be desired. FPQ10 – a robust and smart tablet for the highest demands.

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Rugged Convertible Laptops: devices for outdoors and industry

Rugged Convertible Laptops: Robust all-rounders for outdoors and industry

Resilience or Flexibility? One no longer excludes the other. Because what was a contradiction in terms until recently is now combined in one device!

In the consumer sector, so-called convertibles – or hybrid PCs – have long been established: They can be used as a classic laptop on the one hand, but can also be used with a rotating, folding or click mechanism if required transform a tablet computer. Now the all-rounders are also conquering the demanding market for rugged laptops.

Flexibility and reliability combined

Rugged Convertible Laptops combine the robustness of rugged laptops with the advantages of convertible devices: The notebooks are highly resistant to water, dirt and external forces, can be converted into a tablet in a few simple steps and at the same time have an extra long battery life.

This makes them the ideal companion for extreme working environments that require a high degree of stability on the one hand, but at the same time maximum speed and flexibility, such as military, police or rescue operations, construction sites or warehouses.

From rugged laptop to rugged tablet: just a few simple steps are all it takes

The display of the Rugged Convertible Laptops can easily be rotated 360 degrees and attached to the back of the keyboard instead of having to laboriously remove and reattach it. This can provide the decisive advantage – especially in time-critical operational situations and in confined spaces such as the rear of an aircraft or an engine room.

From notebook to tablet in a few seconds: Rugged Convertible Laptops from DT Research

Certified stability according to IP protection classes and MIL-STD

However, if you think that the rugged convertible laptops will lose their robustness as a result, you are mistaken: The devices are tested and certified according to military and security standards. These standards guarantee, among other things, water and dust resistance as well as shock and vibration protection of the devices.

The standard MIL-STD-810, which was developed by the U.S. military and is continuously updated, serves as the central benchmark. The standard provides the concrete and detailed conditions for testing device types with regard to their resilience in extreme situations.

Buyers use the military standards, as well as the common IP protection classes, as a guide to correctly assess the degree of robustness of various devices and their suitability for certain purposes. For example, the rugged convertible laptops of the LT300 series from DT Research meet the IP65 standards for water and dust resistance, the MIL-STD-810G / H for shock and vibration protection and the MIL-STD-461F for EMI and EMC tolerance . The devices are also HERO (Hazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance) tested.

Conclusion: Versatile computing solution for the most demanding applications

Gone are the days when a high level of resilience automatically resulted in a loss of flexibility: rugged convertible laptops are an absolute must-have for everyone who cannot compromise on security or flexibility. The manufacturer DT Research is one of the pioneers with its new LT300 series.

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IP protection classes for tablets and smartphones

IP Schutzklassen

IP Schutzklassen

IP protection classes for tablets and smartphones

How well are tablets protected against water or dirt?

Looking for a Rugged Tablet or Rugged Handheld and wondering how much protection they offer? IP protection classes provide the answers. We explain what to look for: What does IP65 mean? What is an IP67 certification? The following table provides an immediate overview how well tablets are protected against water and dirt.
Originally, IP protection classes (IP codes) were not used for tablets or computers. They apply to other types of electronic devices, like lighting. The idea was that users could see at one glance whether a device is suitable for use at a construction site or in a factory environment, where damage form rain, moisture, sand or dust is a constant threat.

The higher the number, the better the protection

The IP code according to DIN EN 60529 consists of two digits. The higher the number, the better the protection. The first digit (for example the 5 for IP54) stands for protection against hazardous particals (sand, dirt, dust) and contact. The scale runs from 0 to 6. The second digit (in our example the 4) explains the protection against water. This scale ranges from 0 to 9. For Rugged Tablets, Rugged Smartphones and Rugged PCs, three protection classes are particularly relevant: IP54, IP65 and IP67.


IP Schutzart 1st code digit 2nd code digit
IP54 5: protected against damaging amounts of dust and complete protection against contact 4: protection against water splashing from all directions IP54-rated Rugged Tablets are protected against hazardous amounts of dust but not completely dust-proof, and they withstand humidity and light rain.
IP65 dust tight and complete protection against contact 5: protection against water jets from any direction Rugged tablets with IP65 protection are dust tight and withstand high levels of humidity and heavy rain and are thus suitable for shipping.
IP67 6: dust tight and complete protection against contact 7: protection against temporary immersion in water Rugged tablets with IP67 protection are completely dust tight and are suitable for employment in conditions where they can fall into water or are temporarily exposed to flooding.

IP protection determines the suitability of tablets for employment in manufacturing, food processing, fire departments, police, disposal or maintenance. Other important features for Rugged tablets, such as temperature range, humidity range, shock and vibration protection, are not covered by IP protection classes, but commonly expressed by MIL-STD standard.

We offer tablets with Tablets IP65 und IP67 protection in different versions. Tablets IP54 (“semi-rugged” tablets) are also available. If handiness is required, we also offer Rugged Handhelds.

Process control with tablets in Industry 4.0

Industrie Tablet im Einsatz

Prozesssteuerung mit Tablets in der Industrie 4.0

Process control with tablets in Industry 4.0

In modern manufacturing machines no longer simply assemble parts, but constantly exchange data. In an ideal “Industry 4.0” scenario the manufacturing process even organizes itself. The human role consists of monitoring, optimizing and controlling to guarantee that production runs as smoothly as possible. Ragged Tabled PCs are perfectly suited for this kind of process control.

Interaction of technologies enables freedom from fixed workplaces in a control room:
• Sensors and fast data transmission enable real-time monitoring of production procedures.
• Secure cloud technologies and big data analysis tools open unprecedented possibilities of monitoring and controlling.
• Special visualization software prepares the data and ensures optimal process visualization and process management.

Trained personnel can record this information directly at the production site,allowing for quick decision making. Instead of notebooks, industrial tablets are increasingly being used.

Process control in automobile production
A recent example is a solution for process control and visualization in the production line of a well-known German sports car manufacturer. The production planners were specifically looking for new visualization and service terminals. In this set-up industrial tablets are used in addition to Panel PCs. The latter are mounted on the plant by means of docking stations, enabling both, stationary and mobile process monitoring and control.

Industrial Tablet Solutions from Concept
For similar applications, Concept International offers the “Full Rugged” class of industrial tablets. They are certified to IP67 and thus resistant to temperature, pressure and humidity fluctuations, likely to occur in harsh industrial environments (more information on IP classes can be found in our IP protection classes overview). On you can find a wide range of tablets with different configurations and screen sizes. Customized tablet PCs are our specialty. Upon request, special adjustments, such as, are possible:

• Individual device branding, such as integrating your company logo behind the touch glass.
• Employee authentication by using an integrated Legic Card Reader.

Interested? Simply contact one of our service representatives under the above telephone number.

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